Praying for Rain

Sitting on my front porch in Dallas as a rain shower falls all around me.
The television news just interviewed the guy with a $50,000 boat as he complains how the lake levels are affecting his weekend fun.
Friends, until I started documenting cowboys and ranchers, I never realized how much rain means to the livelihood of so many Americans ( not to mention our food supply ).
I know a rancher that called people in town, to give away the beautiful flowers around their house, because the well was going dry, and they didn’t want the plants to die.
Just outside Fort Worth, it now takes 35 acres for each cow, because the grass is so thin.
The drought conditions are all over the west.
If your biggest water concern is keeping your lawn green, say a prayer tonight for the cattlemen and farmers in the American west, who need rain more than our lawns ever will.
There is rain tonight in west Texas – May it happen much more often.