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My friend Wyatt Myr is a farrier extraordinaire – he shoes horses that have hoof problems that need correction in order to heal properly, and also so that maximum performance can be achieved out of horse. He works on jumpers, cutting horses and polo ponies as a rule, often consulting with the vet or watching the horse perform to determine the best course of action. Wyatt is also a polo player and instructor, and I had the opportunity to photograph his bride vs. groom polo match to celebrate his upcoming nuptials in August. ( His future bride, Mel, led the opposing team, and I believe she won! ) The match and catered party afterward were at the Margaritaville Polo field in Burleson, Texas. While taking photographs during the match, I met Rebecca Sherman, a Senior Editor at Modern Luxury Dallas, and she posted this lovely piece that includes some information about my work. I invite you to visit the post on her blog at